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Best WordPress Plugins to Install on your Website

Once you have created your website, you are going to want to install plugins. That's the beauty of WordPress. There are plugins that basically allow you to add anything you can imagine to your website. In this post, I will give you my opinion on what I think are the...

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Dealing with a Google Unnatural Links Penalty (Case Study)

For my first SEO post, I'm going to be writing about something a little more advanced and something hopefully you never have to deal with. I really wanted my first post on SEO to be about something fun like in-content SEO, but I'll be writing about how I'm dealing...

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My WordPress Theme of Choice – Elegant Themes Review

I first started designing websites using Dreamweaver. I was self taught and all the sites were built using tables back then. Planning a website was very time consuming. I used to go into Photoshop, create the site, and then start chopping the site into tables. Then,...

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How to Transfer a Domain Name to Another Registrar

There may be times when you want to transfer your domain name from one registrar to the next. It could be that you are paying $30 a year and you want a cheaper registrar. Or maybe you have your registrar set up with one company and you want to consolidate all your...

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How to Add a Favicon in WordPress

Have you ever wandered what that little icon to the left of the tab bar is? That's called a favicon. And I'll show you why and how to add a favicon in WordPress. Favicons may seem like a small deal, and you are probably right. I mean, they are only 16 x 16 pixels. But...

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