Dezign My Website was created in 1999 as a web design studio specializing in creating beautiful websites in both Spanish and English for small businesses and individuals. The web has changed a lot since then. Starting a website in those times required a lot more technical knowledge than it does today. Back then, I was designing websites in a program called Dreamweaver and I was also using a program named Macromedia Flash to design animated websites. What would take hours of work on those platforms, can now be accomplished in minutes.


Web designers were a lot more needed back then. Today, you can easily create your own website. However, it’s harder to be found. Most people can design their own site, but have no idea how to optimize their site for the search engines. So with the changing times, I decided to adapt. Instead of being hired to design websites for small and medium businesses, Dezign My Website will show you for free how to create and build a website from scratch and how to optimize your site.  And if you already know how to build websites, you can check out my blog and see the resources I use to build my own including graphic resources, internet marketing tools, productivity tools and more.  This site will serve as a great resource to you, but also to me as this is what I will be using as a reference for building my own websites. The web is constantly changing, so I’m constantly learning and I will be using this site as my online notepad.



You can have the most beautiful website, but if you don’t know how to optimize your site, you might as well not even have one. The methods of ranking your website have changed dramatically, and will continue to change.


The one search engine you want to learn how to rank on – is Google. And Google continually keeps changing and improving how they present websites on their search engine. Their goal is to make the end-user experience as pleasant as possible. Not knowing how to optimize your page correctly can actually hurt your site, as was the case when Google started penalizing thousands of websites that were trying to “game” the system in what is called “black hat seo” or even “gray hat seo.”


And that’s what internet marketers try and figure out. What can I do on my site to make Google like me?



I know that a lot of web designers aren’t happy with the evolution of the web, because of how easy it is to create a website. However, creating a nice website does take skill. Think about a professional chef. You could have all the exact same ingredients a professional chef has, but will it taste the same? Will you know the exact amount of spices to add? Know when to flip the meat? Know how to cut the meat?


So think as a web designer as a professional chef. In some cases, you may not want to take the time to learn and will just want a web designer to handle everything. In fact, I still have clients and am still available for professional web design work.




I’ve noticed that people are on one side of the fence when it comes to technical knowledge and creativity. It’s rare to find people that can do both. When I look at websites, I can see sites that are really well designed, but then are poorly optimized for the search engines. Then I look at sites that are incredibly well optimized for the search engines, but look like a 5 year old designed them.


I’m hoping to show you valuable information for both design and seo. In fact, one of Google’s ranking factors in their algorithms is user experience and time on a site. Between two sites with the exact same information, which site is more likely for a user to stay on longer? A nice looking site or one that looks unprofessional?


Hopefully you will learn how to design a nice, professional website that is also optimized for the search engine.


Again, thanks for visiting. Feel free to contact me on my form and don’t forget to subscribe to my mailing list!

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